Reverse-osmosis system

By admin, February 14, 2016

A reverse-osmosis membrane separates the fed water into absolutely pure water (membrane pores are comparable in size with water molecules) and a flow of concentrated impurities discharged into the drainage. The system is distinguished from its analogs in the following:
■ Desal, Vontron membranes.
■ Shockproof casings withstand a pressure of 25 atm.
■ B(Ro) mineralizer based on natural components saturates water with useful calcium and magnesium salts
■ The pretreatment system is developed taking into account high levels of water contamination, typical of Russia. It protects the membrane from the detrimental effect of iron compounds, heavy metals, and free chlorine.

The systems are equipped with a special two- key tap allowing the user to independently select purified water with mineralization or without it.


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