Sorbent Ms for manganese and iron-removal.

By admin, February 20, 2016

 SAM_4017I would like to offer you our new filtering media Sorbent MS for manganese and iron-removal.

Sorbent is used in centralized systems of water treatment, in reclaimed service systems of water treatment and purification water for removal of manganese, iron, chrome, heavy non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc, lead, nickel, cadmium, etc). Filtering medium separates suspended and colloidal substances.

Sorbent MS is recommended for use as a pressure and a non-pressure systems as a primary or multilayer layer. It is especially effective when in combination with “sorbent AS.”

The sorbent regeneration no requires the use of any chemical reagents. For regeneration is necessary periodically to flush sorbent by water or water – air (which is more effective). In operation, the sorbent is not spent. It is a very durable material.

SAM_4011«Sorbent MS» ‘is not processed further chemically active coatings based on manganese or other catalytically active metal, which eliminates the probability of failure for exhaustion or flushing data surfaces. This is one of the fundamental difference between “sorbent MS” medias such as «BIRM», «Greensand», “Greensand”, etc. The catalytically active components included in the structure of the sorbent granules evenly that enables efficient operation even during the breaking of the pellets.


  •  long service life with low annual loss of less than 2%
  • “Sorbent MS” functions  with all kinds of oxidants: ozone, sodium hypochlorite, potassium permanganate, and others.
  • it functions  in the presence of hydrogen sulfide
  • operates at pH = 6.0 (to load BIRM minimum 6.8)
  • preliminary chlorination does not reduce the activity of “Sorbent MS”
  • it increases the water pH to 2.5-3.0 units depending on the starting pH value of water, which enables the effective removal of marganese.
  • it decreases in the filtration index Color 70-80% (auto coagulation on grain sorbent)
  • permanganate oxidation reduction  is of 20-25%.
  • Technical Data
  • Bulk density, kg/m3:                                                                       1350-1400
  • Specific surface, kg/m3:                                                                  2850
  • Abrasion, %:                                                                                   0,01
  • Grindability, %:                                                                                0,19
  • Coefficient of grain form:                                                                  1,4 – 1,6
  • Intergranular porosity, %:                                                                  46 – 49
  • Filtration flow rate, m / hr:                                                                 10-15
    Backwash flow rate of 30-35%, m / hr: 28-30
    Height of the layer, sm. : 40-100
  • Fractions mm. 0,315-0,7;  0.7-1.4; 0.7-2.0; 1.5-3.0; 2.0-5.0 under the order

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