Cartridge Aragorn for viruses and bacteria removal.

By admin, March 14, 2016

1I would like to introduce our cartridge of new filtering material Aragon. Aragon-BIO cartridge completely removes  all bacteria and viruses as well as chlorine, heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, sediment particles, excessive hardness salts and correct mineral composition of water. 

 Aragon filtering material is a unique polymer of combined action, ensuring microglobular purification. 

It retains the finest mechanical particles and removes dissolved chemical impurities owing to its complex structure and to the sorption and ion-exchange mechanism.

SGS-polymers are radically new material combining three types of filtration:

  •  mechanical;
  •  sorption;
  •  ion-change filtration.

The pore size can vary in any range from 0.01 to 3.5 mkm.

Purification efficiency  
>2-μm particles 95%
Chlorine 100%
Lead, zinc, cadmium, cesium 95%
Pesticides 92%
Iron 90%
Aluminum 95%
Microorganisms, bacteria, viruses 100%

Cartridges can be subdivided with respect to the type of water being treated:

–          Filters for soft water (content of hardness salts up to 2 mg-equiv/l);

–          Filters for hard water (content of hardness salts from 2 to 7 mg-equiv/l);

–          Filters for very hard water (content of hardness salts above 7 mg-equiv/l);

–          Filters for water with increased iron content (above 1 mg/l).


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